A battery


is coming!

"The e-mobility is gaining momentum,

and the number of electric vehicles is rocketing."

will soon arise all around the globe.

Hundreds of thousands of end-of-life EV batteries

A battery “tsunami” is coming…


The total volume of electric passengers vehicles could climb from the current 20 million to almost 700 million in 2040

New Regulations

Industrial policies are put in place to promote production of lithium-ion batteries to cope with the demand for light duty vehicles

Eco Threat

This implies an exponential increase of return flows of end-of-life EV batteries, not suitable for automotive use anymore.

Action Plan

The trend is exponential, and we need to be prepared to manage them at scale.

We must rise to the challenge!

Our Mission

What happens when the battery does not work properly or is not suitable for an automotive usage anymore?

Is it worth being repaired?

The EV batteries have a significant value: the battery pack represents more than 30 % (a third) of the price of an EV.

How make it reach the right destination and prevent it from ending up in a landfill?

EV Li-ion waste batteries are dangerous with hazardous substances. Leaving these EV batteries in nature is intolerable.

  • A logistic challenge

    > Unprecedent volumes

    > Specific security regulations

    > Training for operators

  • An environmental challenge

    > Legal tracebility

    > 100% batteries collected and treated

    > Extended responsibilities

  • An economical opportunity

    > Value for second life applications

    > Incentives

    > New industries and markets

Our Offer

DuoVios manages the second life of your EV batteries

As an EV battery reaches its end-of-life, we collect it and give it the destination it deserves according to its specific remaining potential : Re-pair, Re-use or Re-cycle (“3 Rs”).

Our decision support helps you maximize the value of each battery and reduce your costs, while giving you the insurance, the environmental objectives (sustainability), and obligations (collection, treatment) have been fulfilled.

With DuoVios, it’s obvious!

Our Process

DuoVios’ platform optimizes the value of aftermarket EV batteries

Connecting 0%
Collecting/Probing 0%
Tracing 0%

Connecting multiple different actors unlocks the battery value

> The platform supports the exchange of data among authorized life cycle stakeholders

> The right information is given to the multiple different actors of the value chain

> Sharing the battery’s story optimizes its value for all aftermarket actors

Collecting and analyzing the battery data reveals its value

> Our tool integrates “best of breed” smart Diagnostic technologies able to measure the state of health and establish a lifespan prediction

> The story of the battery is taken into account to fix its value, and give you the insight into its potential

> Our financial algorithms take into account the industry network and capacity as well as external market data

Tracing all relevant data along the process secures the battery’s value

> Our traceability protocol and secured platform manages confidential data (displayed or not disclosed) between non federated actors

> Information reliable and transparent

> Certificates prove compliancy with regulations (certificates / reporting)

A simple, integrated and open platform

Data exchange and secured transactions

End-to-end traceability

Smart diagnostic with technical algorithms

The reference value is estimated by screening market data with Artificial Intelligence

A marketplace to sell the repaired batteries

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